IlloFri: Egg

April 5th, 2013


(Click the image to see a larger version)

Greek Soldiers

October 20th, 2010

Greek Soldiers

Another image from THE HISTORY OF COSTUME By Braun & Schneider – c.1861-1880 on the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville site. Done mostly on the bus.

I can’t believe this site is still up and…active? Well, it says it was updated in 2007, but you can tell from the look of the thing when it was built. But it doesn’t really matter. It’s a great resource. I’ve been looking at it for….10 years? More? wow. amazing. The images are pretty lo res but generally that’s ok for me when I make these kinds of exploratory sketches. I’m just playing around with tools while simultaniously trying to think about different costumes, how they fit the human form; how they’re affected by gravity etc. Good practice for a bus ride.

Using the iPhone camera: Snap Shots

October 14th, 2010

(Note: I started writing this last week and since then my relationship with the iPhone has take a dramatic turn, particularly my relationship with the camera. We traded in 3g phones for the iPhone 4. I’m interested to see how this affects my visual life.)

When I first got my iPhone about a year and a half ago, I didn’t use the camera much. I struggled with the limitations of the camera and the quality of the photos, but as I’ve lived with the device I’ve come to see the limitations as challenges and I’ve discovered unforeseen benefits of photography with the iPhone.

So what do I use the camera for? Primarily:

  • Snap shots
  • Documentary
  • Photo ref
  • “Cast members” for illustration and comics
  • Pattern and texture collection
  • Color inspiration
  • Art photography
  • Visual exploration

Snap shots – At first this was low on my list of reasons for using the iPhone as a camera. The ease of use and availability is nice for capturing moments with family and friends, but who wants their memories preserved as blurry, blotchy pixels.  The iPhone is lousy for action and low light. Most of the family images I want to capture are indoors…or at soccer games. It does ok with the “smile for the camera” type shots, if the light is good. But as I started playing around with some of the photo apps and seeing what can be done with an image in photoshop on my computer I’ve been surprised how nice some of the images turn out to be. Here’s two versions of an iPhone photo of my daughter, one straight out of the phone and the other opened as RAW with just a little tweaking (and it should be noted I don’t really know what I’m doing…just twiddling the sliders until I see some thing that looks good.)

Photo unaltered from the camera

Straight from the phone.

Photo opened in RAW and tweak

Tweak image

split image, tweaked and untweaked

Split image, tweaked (left) and untweaked (right). Note the difference between the hands.

With just a little tweaking I think there is quite an improvement in the quality of the colors particularly the bright colors and the mitigation of color noise in the shadows. I’m very interested to see what the 4 is going to do for snapshots with 5MP, HDR and other improvements.

iPhone and visual art

October 9th, 2010

Quick sketch done with the Brushes app

I’ve been thinking a lot about my iPhone. 15 years ago I had no interest in a cell phone, but then again, I had no idea what a phone would become. I use my iPhone constantly, but the phone is probably less then 5% of what I use it for. I text to keep in touch with my family throughout the day, I listen to music and podcasts, I read books and news, I use the web to get store hours or phone numbers, I play games, I get directions, I read and send email. I imagine it’s the same for most of us using these devices. They are less smart phones than they are a smart-everything-elses. But the most surprising things is, as an artist/designer/illustrator/what-ever-the-hell-i-am the ways the iPhone has affected the way I interact with the world visually. At first I didn’t really do much visually or creatively with the thing. The pictures seemed too low res and ‘digital’. But the availability of free or really cheap apps (most apps cost less that a decent pen) and the fact that I always have it at hand, the iPhone is, more and more, becoming a part of my visual and creative process. I’m not an app hound but my most crowded app folder is my Art and Photo folder. It seemed about time to stop and take stock of what I’m doing with this thing. So in an effort to get myself back in the blogging swing of things that’s what I’m going to do. What are the visual tools I use on the iPhone? How do I use them? How are other folks use the iPhone creatively, particular for visual art and design?

Um…sorry…what was I saying…

September 11th, 2010

Oh…hello there Mr. Web. So nice to see you. I’ve been meaning to get together with you and chat but, well you know how it is. Just one thing after another. Always something. Anyway…we’ll talk more. In the meantime here’s something I drew on the bus the other day. Watercolor added later in my studio:

Sketch for street painting fest

May 13th, 2010

Working on the pulverizing machine for my street painting. I think I’ve got the basics but I need to work out the details still. The dome needs to be closer to the cab and I’m still stumbling over what color it should be. Good new: I’ve cleared $300 in my fund raising so I now have enough to do the 6×6 square. Yippee! Now, can I get the other $300 in the next 48 hours to do the big square? Well, no probably not. But maybe…we’ll see.

Drop a few bucks to the cause, if you can. The money is a benefit for Youth In Arts.


March 24th, 2010

and i managed to break my comic. how did i do that?

WooHoo…sort of

March 24th, 2010

Well the transition process from Blogger is finally happening…slowly…but it is happening. My initial move kinda went kablooy. All of my pictures and links came over as text. ug. So I am in the process of fixing them all by hand. I am just about a quarter of the way there. Once I get that done then I can start working on the look of the thing. One step at a time.

Moving to WordPress

February 11th, 2010

I have been pretty unhappy with Blogger for some time now. It seems to me that at least since Google gobbled them up very little has been done to improve or enhance the service. I’ve been thinking for the longest time that I should switch to WordPress, which is what I was using for my comic, but for one reason or another I just haven’t gotten around to it. Well now they are forcing my hand. Google has decided to discontinue FTP support for Blogger which means that only Blogger hosted sites will be able to run with Blogger. Yuck. Massive yuck. That means that instead of running my blog on the front page of my site, I’d have to link off over to unlikelyattitude.blogspot or some such. /br /So now I have to figure out how to flop everything over. If things look sloppy here for the next few days (weeks?) it’s because I’m working this /br /Wish me luck!

1st blog post from my iPhone

January 18th, 2010

I’ve been meaning to try a post from my iPhone for a while seeing as I’ve been having trouble finding time to post and since I had a moment, sitting in the car with our neurotic dog, while Andrea and the girls do some shopping in Grass Valley, I figured now would be a good time to try it out. It works fine but I can’t seem to enter text in ‘compose’ mode. I have to be in ‘edit html’ which I guess is no big deal just kind of odd. br /br /Another problem is that I can’t figure out how to upload a photo. The ‘upload from your computer’ button is grayed out so the only option is to link to an image on the web. Looks like the Blogger/iPhone integration is totally nailed quite yet.